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Member guides and policy wording

The member guides are reference booklets for you to find information pertinent to your plan quickly and conveniently. Use it to review your schedule of benefits and coverage details or any other information you may require.
Click on the link below to download the relevant guide.

For further details, please refer to the relevant policy wording document.

Policy Wording: DOH Compliant Plans | DHA Compliant Plans | Basic (Abu Dhabi) planZiyarah - Hello UAE! | Thiqa Top-up Plans | Enhanced Sahtak UG Plans (AUH) | Musafer Plan |  Alami Plan  |  Hasanah Travel Plan

Member Guide: Daman’s Health Insurance Plans | Daman’s Priority Member | Essential Benefits plan | Basic (Abu Dhabi) plan | Ziyarah - Hello UAE!

Please read this information carefully and should you have any queries, please contact customer care