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Disease Management Programs (DMPs)

Disease Management Programs (DMPs) is a system of coordinated healthcare communications for population with high-risk chronic conditions in which patient self-care efforts are significant. The programs are geared to those individuals identified by Daman through analyzing data with a specified algorithm that is evidence-based.

These programs are delivered by experienced Health coaches with medical background (Nurses, pharmacist and nutritionist)

High-risk Diabetes Management Programme

Aim: is to improve the lifestyle of diabetic patients and avoid the occurrence of health complications resulting from uncontrolled blood sugar.

High-Risk Maternity Management Programme

Aim : is to offer support and care during throughout the special period of pregnancy helping you lead a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby. 

Assisted Reproductive Technology Programme

Aim: is to support and guide the member undergoing IVF treatment through continuous  follow-up from the first step in her journey till after the delivery. 

Weight Management Program

Weight Management Programme is a Tele coaching program that provides support and care through an integrated educational and behavioral change to achieve and maintain a healthier weight and adopt lifelong healthier habits.