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Our Services

If you are part of our Daman family, you can enjoy our core services regardless of your plan. Value added services depends on your coverage under your insurance plan.

Direct billing: We’ll do the worrying for you. We settle the cost of your service directly with the provider through our direct billing facility. Please note that this coverage is only available for services accessed through a provider under your network. To learn more about the providers in your network, enter your Network Type in the Search Provider option.

24x7 Medical Authorization: Our skilled authorization team is available around the clock to evaluate requests for required medical treatments based on your coverage.

In-house Claims Processing: If your provider is not under your network, you can still receive compensation for the costs paid to this provider. However, we can only reimburse you if you enjoy a Non-Network Benefit option for the service you received. To check your Non-Network benefits, review your SOB through your “MyDaman” account or the mobile app. 

Daman mobile App: The Daman app makes it easier to manage your health, track your requests, and see everything in one place. It’s that simple. Use the app to easily:

  • View your digital insurance card as well as your family’s
  • Find doctors
  • Submit claims
  • View your benefits
  • Track your authorization requests
  • Talk to a doctor for free

24 x 7 customer support: Get in touch for any questions, or simply to say hi! We are always happy to help.

Telemedicine: No need to wait for hours at the clinic. Talk to a qualified professional for free and get the treatment you need over the phone. It’s free, unlimited, and available 24/7. Call 800 4959/ +9712 419 4959 or visit www.telemed.ae to learn more about this service.

Expert Medical Opinion: We give you access to the world’s most recognized medical experts to determine the best course of action for your medical situation. Our experts come from across the globe and are selected specifically to address your concerns.

International Assistance: Not feeling well while abroad? Let us know and our team will assist you with all your medical needs.

•For emergency cases, please call the local emergency number for the country you are visiting.

•For non-emergency cases, please call us on +9712 4184888

•For assistance on planned treatments, email us on intl_assistance@damanhealth.ae

Mhealth: If you need help with your pregnancy, weight loss or diabetes, our “Mhealth” apps are designed to support you in your journey toward health and wellness. Eligible Daman members can have access to premium features and content and to our team of health coaching professionals. To register, visit www.mhealth.ae