Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre provides innovative telemedicine consultation services, offered exclusively by Daman to Enhanced members, where highly qualified physicians bring you world-class healthcare around the clock, without having to visit a clinic or hospital.

Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre is staffed by Swiss-trained medical professionals delivering sound medical consultation over the telephone, in confidence and when you need it, for routine paediatric conditions or simply general medical queries.

Why should I call Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre?

•      Your peace of mind. It helps you decide when to visit a doctor and saves you time by avoiding unnecessary trips to the clinic or hospital.
•   Faster identification of any symptoms requiring further medical attention.
•   Receive the highest level of medical advice from specialised, Swiss-trained medical staff.
•   Medical consultation in full confidence. Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre maintains the highest level of data security and confidentiality.

When do I call Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre?

•   Call anytime 24/7, even in the middle of the night.
•   Call from anywhere, even if you are far away from any medical facility.
•   Call if you are not sure whether to visit a doctor or have no obvious symptoms.
•   Call for routine paediatric conditions, general medicine and dermatology.

When do you go to a hospital or clinic?

•   In case of emergencies.
For specialised medical services.
For consultations requiring face-to-face interaction with the doctor.

What happens when you call Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Centre?

•     You will speak directly with a nurse for a preliminary assessment, who will take note of your symptoms and personal
details, and arrange to have a doctor call you back shortly for a full assessment.
•   Within 30 minutes, you will be contacted by a doctor who will conduct an assessment of your symptoms. The doctor will
then either recommend a personalised treatment programme or refer you to a nearby healthcare provider for further
assessment and specialised care.

Enrolled members wanting to know more about this service may call 02 502 9999.