Maternity management

maternity2Motherhood is a beautiful thing, yet it also holds uncertainties for many, especially when it is a first pregnancy. We have designed this programme to ensure absolute comfort and safety for you and your child during the term of your pregnancy and the two months immediately following it.

A team of seasoned midwifery and gynaecological experts administer this programme, ensuring the best care for you and your baby.

You will be encouraged to adopt and health yand active lifestyle during this vital time, with a coach assigned to your case to help you.

Post-partum, your coach will continue to liaise with you for a period to advise you on issues such as breast-feeding and infant care.

A kit will be issued to the mother-to-be, with dual-language literature dealing with a range of topics typically faced by the pregnant. It is adapted for the sensitivities and subtleties of the local culture.

If you would like to know more please call 800-7226.

Update: Dear customer, the above number is currently out of service. For enquiries about our maternity management programme, kindly call 800-4-DAMAN (32626) for assistance.