International access for you

International Emergency Assistance

When you are travelling away from home, it is important to know how to get immediate medical help, should the need arise. Daman has teamed up with a International Emergency Assistance partner that will provide you with a range of emergency medical assistance services.

You can avail international emergency assistance services by calling +971 2 4184888.

These services include: 

  • Medical evacuation services
  • Emergency medical advice
  • Medical referrals and in-patient case management
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Emergency travel assistance
  • Travel advice and visa advice
  • Lost ticket and baggage assistance
  • Lost passport assistance
  • Lost wallet and card assistance
  • Transfer of emergency funds
  • Interpreter and legal assistance
  • Airport assistance
  • Assistance with prescription medicine
International Non-Emergency Assistance
Whenever you consider travelling abroad for day-care or inpatient treatment, our international team is ready to support you. The process is easy and simple: we only require you to let us know in advance by phone or email, so that we can organise everything that is needed.

Our dedicated International Assistance Services team can help you with: 
  • Understanding international benefits as per your policy
  • Comparing the best facilities and selecting the most suitable international provider
  • Pre-trip planning and appointment scheduling
  • Making sure that the providers invoice us directly for covered  medical services
  • Resolving any issue related to the your medical stay
During the medical stay our team will stay in contact with you and the provider ensuring that you receive the best quality treatment.
Our international provider network consists of more than 50,000 medical facilities around the globe. If your preferred provider is not part of our network, we will be able to arrange ad-hoc direct settlement in most of the cases.
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